Object ID

Eldridge Appraisals Inc. follow the Getty ID standards.  In 1993, the Getty Museum Information Institute initiated a collaborative project to develop an international documentation standard for the information needed to identify cultural objects.  The new standard has been developed in collaboration with police forces, customs agencies, museums, the art trade, appraisers and the insurance industry.

Hypothetical and Extraodinary Assumptions Appraisals

Life is not predictable and when an unusual situation happens resulting in the loss of your property, how to you arrive at a value for something that no longer exists? The appraisers at Eldridge Appraisals Inc. have the necessary experience and credentials to provide plausible appraisals and testimony, resulting in your successful compensation. We understand… Read More »

Effects of Humidity and Temperature

Effects of humidity and temperature on your collection. For decades, museums have kept their thermostats at a steady 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit ), with a relative humidity of 50 percent. Now, a team of Conservation Analytical Laboratory researchers has found that most museum objects can safely tolerate a wider range of both temperature… Read More »