Divorce Appraisals

A divorce is a trying time in a person’s life but a personal property appraiser is indispensable for an equitable division of marital assets. In order to save time and money a personal property appraiser is the first professional that the client, administrator, arbiter or attorney should call.

Do not go into negotiations or court unless you have an appraisal specifically prepared for dissolution of marriage purposes by an experienced divorce appraiser. Appraisals prepared by inexperienced appraisers for insurance or any other purposes are not appropriate and may result in an unbalanced settlement. Hoping for the best or providing incomplete information breeds distrust and can further complicate an already difficult situation. We will be happy to review any other appraisals and provide an unbiased report on the merits or weaknesses contained.

The ideal situation is to mutually agree on a stipulated appraiser for all personal property, the benefits include:

  • Negotiations are usually quicker and simpler.
  • The value of the assets is made irrefutable and acceptable by both parties.
  • Reduces attorney costs and litigation time.
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Court/Expert Witness Testimony

Occasionally when a divorce is being settled in court, expert testimony may be requested from the appraiser to explain their opinion of value determined in the appraisal report. All Eldridge Appraisers Inc., appraisers are experienced and comfortable in a courtroom setting and are able to present their findings in a professional and clear manner. We conduct all dissolution of marriage appraisals as if they were going to be presented in court and you will receive a USPAP, RICS, AAA and ASA compliant professional, legally-defensible opinion of value. Our office is aware of the unique time constraints and requirements for divorce court appraisals and will work with you and your attorney to ensure that all work is prepared in a timely manner. Expert witness testimony is based on an hourly fee rate, available upon request and as needed.