Personal property including classic, exotic and everyday automobiles and residential/commercial contents.  Providing forensic appraisals for complex situations including diminished value, historical values, loan/lease qualifications, insurance coverage/total loss, estate/asset evaluations, donation purposes and large collections.

An appraisal is necessary in the following instances:

Tax Purposes
Probate of Estates for IRS
Dissolution of Marriage

Damage and Loss Claims
Donation Purposes
Personal or Business Loans

Qualifying for Insurance Limits
Bankruptcy Proceedings
Estate Planning

Guardianship Purposes
Support Vehicle Asking or Sale Price
Fleet Management

Bankruptcy Cases

You have hit a rough spot in the road financially, going through bankruptcy proceedings is difficult, but why allow the courts to use NADA retail values and or Kelly Blue Book values when the appropriate value stated by the American Society of Appraisers in “Orderly Liquidation Value,” the difference? Thousands.

Our bankruptcy appraisals are accepted by all courts and start as little as $75. Spend a little, save ALOT!!

Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

For an independent and objective appraisal of commercial vehicles and equipment, for loan qualification purposes, insurance coverage, asset evaluations and bankruptcy.

Call us for a quote at (800) 940-1819.

Diminished Value

Anyone knows that the value of a vehicle would drop substantially if it were wrecked, right? How about the same vehicle that was wrecked and then professionally repaired and painted? The answer is still YES, and in the automotive and insurance world it is called diminished value.

When a vehicle has been damaged, merely returning the vehicle to its prior appearance and function does not return the vehicle to its pre-loss condition. Issues regarding the vehicle’s warranty arise, which may include having the warranty restricted or even voided. State and Federal laws may require disclosure of damage and repair. Vehicle histories are easy to track, and an adverse history can cost thousands of dollars to a vehicle owner. So merely properly repairing the vehicle can never return it to what it once was. Damage to a vehicle’s pedigree is like stamping “Damaged Goods” across a vehicle’s title.

Lets put this into the consumer’s prospective; you are in the market for a specific vehicle, you find two of the exact same model you are interested in, one shows up with accident history, you will either pick the vehicle that has no damage or offer a lower amount for the diminished value vehicle.

This sounds pretty straightforward, but underneath this statement appears an imposing stance by most all major insurance companies. The insurance companies make sure that when they pay to repair a damaged vehicle that there are no more additional claims of damages for the vehicle, in other words, think twice before you sign the dotted line and take delivery of your vehicle.

At Eldridge Appraisals Inc. we take our assignments on diminished value very seriously. We gather all the facts and try to determine the success of a claim. Dealing with insurance companies today, you must have professionally prepared documents that adhere to the requirements of presenting a diminished value claim. Eldridge Appraisals Inc. has the resources and experience to provide the help you need to resolve these difficult situations.

The 3 Types of Diminished Value:

1. Inherent Diminished Value – The automatic loss in vehicle market value from an accident. Almost every damaged vehicle will have some measure of inherent diminished value, which is still an actual loss to the vehicle owner.

2 Repair Related Diminished Value – A loss in market value due to remaining flaws and defects caused by improper or substandard repairs. Repairs in this category have been paid per the repair estimate, but have been repaired improperly or perhaps overlooked completely.

3. Insurance Related Diminished Value – A loss in vehicle market value due to insurance claims practices. This is typically caused by the insurance carrier failing to pay to repair a flaw or defect listed on the repair estimate.

Resale (Residual) Value: the effect of significant collision damage on vehicle value:

Since a vehicle, even with quality repairs, is never really quite the same after a collision, a precedent setting lawsuit may force insurance companies to pay on the diminished value of a vehicle after an accident. A lawsuit in Georgia forced State Farm Insurance to pay on a vehicle’s loss in value (diminished value) after an accident regardless of the quality of repair. Following the verdict, State Farm, the nations largest insurer, agreed to assess all future claims for diminished value. This case now forms the basis for dozens of other cases and should set a precedent of recognizing diminished value nationally. No matter how well a quality repair job is done on a damaged vehicle, it may very well be worth less in resale value than was originally estimated when the lease was written. That could result in a deficiency that the lessee would have to pay. Any dealer worth their salt can spot evidence of significant collision repairs and will usually lower their bid price on the vehicle accordingly. If you have the misfortune to have a vehicle accident, then you will want to keep in mind the possible diminished value of the vehicle when negotiating with your insurance company for repair. Better yet, call your auto insurance agent and ask whether your policy will cover your vehicle for diminished value in case of an accident. NOTE: diminished value because of a collision repair will affect the value of a vehicle whether leased or owned, so vehicle owners should have the same concerns as lessees regarding this subject!

Leases include Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP). Customers who lease should have no risk should the vehicle suffer a total loss during the lease period, through accident or theft. Insurance companies pay the actual cash value for total losses and as mentioned above most vehicles have little to no equity during the first 75% of the life of the loan. That makes you financially responsible for any deficiency balance due. GAP insurance covers any difference and is paid for by the leasing company. This same coverage on a conventional loan can increase your monthly loan payment by $6.00 to $12.00 per month. We all know that a vehicle that has been involved in an accident is worth less than one that has not. That is referred to as “diminished value.” If you have an accident with a vehicle you have financed conventionally, that diminished value is yours. With a lease, if it is repaired with new parts to industry standards, it keeps the same residual value and you should not be penalized. In other words, the diminished value transfers to the leasing company, unless they consider it excessive wear and tear.

These recommendations are intended as guidance only and Eldridge Appraisals Inc. assumes no responsibility for statements made or advice given.

Insurance Coverage

Bottom Line, make sure your car is protected BEFORE it’s too late. For over 25 years, we have specialized in insurance appraisals.

Just in the past two years we have appraised over 5 million dollars in ALL types of cars, from classic to rare exotics, even everyday “custom cars.”

Did you know that even newer cars can benefit from an insurance coverage appraisal? The insurance standard covers only up to $1,000 dollars of aftermarket equipment. We can provide you with an appraisal that can help you protect your investment on your custom car.

Our detailed 18-25 page appraisal report is CERTIFIED and ACCEPTED by ALL insurance companies. Call us today for pricing information at 1-800-940-1819.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes:

Q. I just found out the insurance company is going to total my car. They are giving me an offer that is not what I think to be fair, do I have any options?

A. Yes, you have the right for an “Appraisal Clause” to be invoked on your part, the first step is to contact us to discuss your case. With a our free consultation, we can review the case and decide if it is worth pursuing. We have saved clients thousands of dollars just by calling us. What do you have to lose?

Eldridge Appraisals Inc. will review your case and get right to work, we most likely will expedite your claim as well as get you more money for your car.

What You Will Receive:

Your USPAP and ASA Compliant, 18-25 page appraisal report will be accepted by ALL major insurance companies in North America and Canada. Do not be fooled by imitations, in the appraisal world the coined term “you get what you pay for” is not always true, some “appraisers” charge the same amount but offer reports of little value to the client, that are not USPAP or ASA compliant and not accepted by insurance companies. Eldridge Appraisals Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality reports.

Our Coverage Area:

We cover the entire state of Florida and the Southeast U.S. region including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. For information on out of the coverage areas please contact us at (800) 940-1819 and we can make special arrangements.

Loan Qualification

You want that car and you need to finance it.

Our USPAP compliant appraisal is accepted by ALL financial institutions. You and your financial institution will receive a detailed 18-25 page appraisal report with current market comparables and data. All of our appraisals are USPAP -2209 compliant.

Our Coverage Area:

We cover the entire state of Florida and the Southeast U.S. region including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. We have a Pilot on staff that can get us to an assignment on a moments notice, for information on out of the coverage areas please contact us at (800) 940-1819 and we can make special arrangements.

Why do I need one?

You need to know what your car is worth.

We can estimate the value for a myriad of purposes.

Establish a true and current value for your automobiles.


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